Increasing Demand of Liquid Web Design for Mobile Devices

Increasing Demand of Liquid Web Design for Mobile Devices

mobile website developmentLiquid Web Design for Mobile is the latest concept in the world of mobile net. As we all know that whatever website we see on our desktop requires totally different and unique set-up to be displayed in mobile device as both the machines and instruments have different resolutions and display structures.

Bulky desktop monitor screens and little display screens on mobile phones devices mark the great edges of prevailing screen resolution. The difference in screen size of both the instruments, which could easily be more than 1,500 pixels have rehabilitated interest in a decade old layout trend.

Day by day, the demand of liquid web design for mobile devices is increasing rapidly due to increasing use of internet on mobile phones. Every single company with website must have a mobile version of their site so that users can access it properly over the latest mobile devices. Liquid website design pushed the usage of the CSS block model over the non-data tables for layout designing work, and – in its purest form – utilized only percentages or comparative additions for all element widths.

According to the theory of the Liquid website design for Mobile devices, all different components of the website, such as logo, content, navigation, icons etc should act as liquid poured into a glass; i.e. seek to fill up the mobile devise screen’s horizontal width without the requirement of the horizontal scrolling. On the other end same website should fill in the full screen of giant screen monitor and it should not look empty at any corner. In some cases, people do feel the visual inconsistency in the mobile device compared to what they see over the big screen of desktop or laptop monitor screens. There are many companies that offer liquid web designing services for mobile devices.

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